Students enter the animation capstone with no prior experience in the animation film industry. Upon completion of the course series, many students use their newfound experience to aide them in successfully attaining industry jobs in both game and film studios worldwide.


  • Ciera Johl

Amazon - Special Projects

  • Ben Schiffler


  • Andrew Theisen

Animation Cafe Inc.

  • Tomoyo Matsuda

Blizzard Entertainment

  • Michael Beal


  • David Hunt
  • Jason Jones
  • Robert Forsberg

Catalyst Game Labs

  • Celeste Hansen

DHX Media

  • Anna Hayden

Disney Animation Studios

  • Kira Lehtomaki
  • Sean Mack
  • Andy Wu

Double Negative

  • Dane Barney


  • Elizabeth Muhm
  • Kendal Sager
  • Matt Titus
  • Hannah Christensen
  • Michael Amorozo
  • David Lewis

Industrial Light & Magic

  • Ryan Sluman

Microsoft, Microsoft Studios

  • Joanna Ngai
  • Noble Woods
  • Randy Hyunh
  • Elizabeth Ong

Monolith Games

  • Brendan Condit
  • Chelsea Dallas
  • Mikey Wong


  • Stephen Friedman
  • Peter Sumanaseni
  • Sarah Hutchinson

Sony Pictures Imageworks

  • Andrea Parkhill


  • Chris Scoville

Trigan Media

  • Jenn Swanson


  • Justin Pai

Undead Labs

  • Cale Schupman

Utility Digital

  • Dean Halford