This webpage is to help you through the process of creating a human face.



Split Polygon Tool - Used to add more information into a polygon mesh. One of the most useful tool in Maya's repertoire of polygon tools. You'll be using this tool often when working with lots of detail on a model.

Extrude Edge - Tool for extending/adding information to a polygon mesh by pulling from one or multiple edges on the model.

Extrude Face - Works the same way as Extrude Edge, except it pulls from a face rather than an edge.

Note: Extrude Edge and Extrude Face works in conjunction with the Polygons > Tools > Keep Faces Together toggle. When multiple edges or faces are selected for extruding, that toggle determines whether the edges/faces stay attached while the operation is in progress.

Merge vertices - Used to connect edges/faces that are not attached to each other by combining their vertices. You can determine the max distance between the vertices by going into the options. Very useful tool, especially when you have seperate objects that you need to have connected into a single mesh. (Note: This tool can only merge vertices that are on the same polygon mesh. For objects that aren't a single mesh, you will first have to combine them by going to Polygons > Combine.

Sculpt Polygons Tool - Rather than move vertices, you can use this tool to sculpt out the features of a model. This tool is usually best used after the initial model is created and you are in the process of cleaning up/adding features to the model.


Create Polygon Tool - Rather than using the default polygon primitives, you can use this tool to create your own polygon.

Append to Polygon Tool - Very important tool in adding information and filling in gaps in your mesh.


Polys to SubDiv - Used to convert your polygon model into a Subdivision model. Great way to see how your model looks when it has been smoothed out.

SubDiv to Polys - used to convert your subdivision model into a polygon. It is very important that in the options of this tool, the "Vertices" toggle is checked. This will prevent a lot of faces from being added when the subdivision model is converted. Instead, it will use the exact number of faces/edges/vertices that it had from the original polygon model.