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Synopsis (.doc)

Set in a remote region of Mongolia, Threads follows the story of a mother and daughter whose life-long bond is told through the imagery of a quilt stitched together by both over the years. When chronic illness threatens to overcome her mother, the daughter departs their lone yurt on a journey to retrieve more medicine. However, despite her haste she returns home too late. The daughter must then come to terms with her motherís death, reliving their most cherished and loving moments together through the memories forever woven into the quilt.

Director's Biography (.doc)

Barbara Mones is a Principal Lecturer in the School of Computer Science & Engineering, and Director of the Reality Studio, a part of the Reality Lab. She also leads the Facial Expression Research Group ( FERG). She has worked in both academia and industry in the areas of computer graphics and animation production for over thirty years. She was a tenured Associate Professor and the Founder and Director of the Visual Information Technology Graduate program at George Mason University, a Visiting Researcher in the Department of Computer Science at George Washington University, Fellow at the Human Interface Technology Lab at University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and worked for the White House and National Aeronautics and Space Administration on Al Gore's GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program. For this she was presented with a NASA Group Achievement award. She designed and wrote training programs for all aspects of the production pipeline at both Pacific Data Images/Dreamworks and Industrial Light and Magic. In her role as faculty, she has directed and produced nineteen animated shorts since 1999. Most recently she is developing curriculum that incorporates the potential of Virtual Reality into storytelling, content development and filmmaking. She has lectured extensively on an international level on topics related to animation and curriculum development. Her films have been shown in theaters and museums internationally including the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater and the Smithsonian Institution. Barbara received her undergraduate degree from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Thereafter, she studied animation at Sheridan College and received an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design.

Technical Credits (.doc)

  • Director / Producer
    Barbara Mones

  • Production Team
  • Caroline Alexander
  • Jesse Andrews
  • Brian Britigan
  • Happy Dong
  • Nicholas Garrett
  • Robert Gay
  • Daren Keck
  • Marianne Lee
  • Elizabeth Muhm
  • Daniel Nelson
  • Andrea Parkhill
  • Ryan Rosendal
  • Andy Sun
  • Tracey West
  • Jimmy Zhang