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A small quiet park filled with people hoping to cast their wishes in the park's fountain is invaded by a sinister character aiming to steal their wishing coins. He devises a disguise to conceal himself, and plunges unnoticed beneath the fountain's surface. He begins to collect all the coins being cast into the fountain, as well as those piled at the bottom. He is eventually discovered by a curious goose, and in the process of evading the bird, reveals himself to the park-goers. A small girl is especially upset by the theft of her special wishing coin. He is then chased out of the park, spilling his stolen coins as he attempts to outrun the victims of his thievery.

Director's Biography

image of the director, Barbara Mones

Barbara Mones is a faculty member in the department of Computer Science & Engineering and serves as Director for Animation Production in the Animation Research Labs, an Advanced Technology Initiative at the University of Washington. She has worked in both academic and industry in the areas of graphics and animation production for over twenty-five years. In her role as faculty she has directed and produced eleven animated shorts since 1999. She has lectured extensively on an international level on topics related to computer graphics, animation and curriculum development in addition to designing and executing her own graphics and animation that have been shown in many museums and institutions worldwide, including the Smithsonian Institution and the Villa Ciani Museum in Switzerland. Her animation has been shown in the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater and her artwork has been shown in the SIGGRAPH Art Show. She has chaired Panels (97), Sketches (Design, 96) Art Educators (Education Committee (85-95) served as a juror for the Art Show (1995, 2007) and Electronic Theater. She founded and chaired the SIGGRAPH Student Animation Competition (1984, then became SPACE in 1985) and coordinated it for fifteen years. SPACE became an international traveling show in 1989. Post undergraduate, she studied 2D and 3D animation at Sheridan College and has an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in mixed media sculpture and installation. Her research and production interests include animation, storytelling, content development, fast prototyping, and the production pipeline design for games and film.

Technical Credits


Barbara Mones

Production Team

Erin Caswell Ashley Nguyen
Theodore Chin Brian Park
Alex Constant Tina Pi
Amanda Cook Simon Schaffer
Chelsea Dallas Benjamin Schiffler
Zixing Guo Nicholas Stoermer
Anton Holmberg Rebecca Van-Den-Ende
Randy Huynh Mikey Wong
Si Tao Li Noble Woods
Amanda Nelson Hsuan-Ting Wu

Technical Supervisors

Robert Forsberg

Production Supervisor

Anna Hayden Ciera Johl
Sarah Hutchinson Tomoyo Matsuda
Polina Kud Byron Wu


Marc Bourguignon Sean Mack
Ned Frisk Brian McDonald
David Hunt Gary Schwartz
Gary Faigin Matt Smith
Karen Lund Kai Wise
Mark Lund

Special Thanks

Jamie Austad Bruce Mones
Chris Cunnington Rod Prieto
Karla Danson Jennifer Snow
Johnathan Davis Stephen Spencer
Edward Lazowska Aaron Timms
Hank Levy John Zahorjan
Valerie Liang


Original Score by Erik Aho