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Every day, an office worker struggles through the demands of his job and boss. His painfully long and monotonous workdays are made worse by his relentlessly cheery coworker. Fantasizing about happier times from his past is the only thing that helps him get through the day. He is eventually pushed to his limit, realizes that he doesn't have to accept his life the way it is, and makes a big decision.

Director's Biography

image of the director, Barbara Mones

Barbara Mones is a Principal Lecturer in the School of Computer Science & Engineering, and Director of the Reality Studio, a part of the Reality Lab. She also leads the Facial Expression Research Group ( FERG). She has worked in both academia and industry in the areas of computer graphics and animation production for over thirty years. She was a tenured Associate Professor and the Founder and Director of the Visual Information Technology Graduate program at George Mason University, a Visiting Researcher in the Department of Computer Science at George Washington University, Fellow at the Human Interface Technology Lab at University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and worked for the White House and National Aeronautics and Space Administration on Al Gore's GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program. For this she was presented with a NASA Group Achievement award. She designed and wrote training programs for all aspects of the production pipeline at both Pacific Data Images/Dreamworks and Industrial Light and Magic. In her role as faculty, she has directed and produced nineteen animated shorts since 1999. Most recently she is developing curriculum that incorporates the potential of Virtual Reality into storytelling, content development and filmmaking. She has lectured extensively on an international level on topics related to animation and curriculum development. Her films have been shown in theaters and museums internationally including the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater and the Smithsonian Institution. Barbara received her undergraduate degree from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Thereafter, she studied animation at Sheridan College and received an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design.

Technical Credits


Barbara Mones

Production Team

Lucia ShinYoung Choi Ying Dang
Esmeralda Duenas Brianna Fecarotta
Bing Gan Jenna Han
Stanley Janicki Marisa Katagiri
Kristine Lee Aria Li
Vincent Liu Alexa McLaughlin
Elizabeth Ong Riley O'Callaghan
Sindre Punsvik Zhuonan Eric Sun
Andrew Shin Ian Wagner Smith
Lac Tranvu Sarah Wai
Vivyan Woods Cherry Chenwei Zhou

Technical Supervisor

Robert Forsberg

Technical Assistants

Erin Caswell Theodore Chin
Amanda Cook Zixing Guo
Ashley Nguyen Benjamin Schiffler
Mikey Wong


Mark Agoncillo Sean Mack
Ned Frisk Brian McDonald
David Hunt Gary Schwartz
Gary Faigin Matt Smith
Karen Lund Ali Mayyasi
Mark Lund

Special Thanks

Jamie Austad Bruce Mones
Chris Cunnington Rod Prieto
Karla Danson Jennifer Snow
Johnathan Davis Stephen Spencer
Edward Lazowska Aaron Timms
Hank Levy John Zahorjan
Valerie Liang